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    Barefoot Seat cushion - Hip Saver

    Hinta:  23.95€


    The comfortably-padded Hip Saver was developed to give you a narrower sitting position and fits all our Barefoot saddles. Our saddles adapt themselves to the shape of your horse's back: on the one hand, this allows the rider feel the horse's body contours and movement more clearly, but, especially with broader horses, the rider will have a wider seat.

    The Hip Saver is designed to counteract this and give smaller, slender riders a narrower, more comfortable position in the saddle. The Hip Saver can be fixed using Velcro fasteners between the seat and the stirrup attachment to give you a narrower sitting position. It fits all our Barefoot saddle models and is available in 2 sizes; both sizes have a black Drytex surface

    Size 1 is 34cms long and 24cms wide, size 2 is 39cms long and 24cms wide.

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