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    Barefoot Rintaremmi/-panssari Stretch & Breath

    Hinta:  147.95€


    This breastplate is made from high quality, soft and flexible leather. The part close to the horse is padded with softleather all over - even more padded with thermoelastic foam, which allows easy conforming to the horse's breast. The padding overlaps slightly and is rounded off carefully to prevent shaving.

    This breastplate can be attached and easily fitted to every saddle because it offers two ways of fastening: both 2 leather ties and 2 snaps come with it.

    • supersoft padding with thermoelastic foam
    • Breast strap with Stretch & Breast strap
    • easy adaptation thanks to leather ties and snap hooks
    • soft removable velcro fur padding
    colors: black, brown

    sizes: COB and FULL

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